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Russian teens from LadsAtWork

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Russian

Teens, Russian, Hardcore, Oral
studio: gives you the unique opportunity to peep into the bedrooms of the hottest college guys and uncover all secrets of their perfect young bodies... They will be glad if you do it!
SIZE: 748 Mb ,5 clips
Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio codec: WMA

Total size: 362.6 MB in 2 files.

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[sex game] forbidden desires

by on Sep.02, 2011, under Erotic games


In the game you play the young student Matt, whose parents got divorced. He

lives together with his , whereas for the holidays he moves to his 35 years old

Sarah, who looks very young (like 25) and hot. From time to time he realizes, that he is

attracted to her...from this point on you decide how the story goes on.


aim 1: in the beginning the main character (Matt) admits, that his is sexy...but the problem

is that he thinks of her as his and nothing else. So first of all you have to help Matt

with realizing, that he wants to have sex with her. There are different ways to do this and it

isn't that hard. If you fail here...GAME OVER

aim 2: seduce your step by step and make her hot for you...come on and use your fantasy...

you'll find a way to do so. You know...if you fail here....GAME OVER

aim 3: have sex with your ...WON


You can take different paths in the game. The manner you use to succeed will decide which paths

you take. Each path will lead to different situations and sex-scenes (means: other pictures and videos)

There are 3 factors that will decide which path you'll take:

1) The manner you use to seduce your

2) Your sometimes asks questions where you have to choose an answer. Sometimes

the questions are important ones (the answer you choose will have a big effect then),

sometimes not so important ones (the answer will have only a small effect) and

unimportant ones (the answer will have no effect). Of course in the game you won't be told

which one of the question is significiant and which not.

3) Where you go and what you do at a certain time will also be decisive.

File size: 579.8 MB

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